Troop 507
Eagle's  Nest
Troop 507
Eagle's  Nest
Troop 507
Eagle's  Nest
The purpose of this webpage is to showcase the Scouts from Troop 507 over the years who have overcome the extreme odds of 2% of all Scouts to make it to the rank of Eagle Scout.  It also comes as an inspiration for generations of Scouts who will follow in their footsteps.

Included on this page are the links to information about obtaining the Eagle rank for those Life Scouts who are working towards this rank.  More information will be added periodically.  Click on the Link to Chief Thundercloud's Eagle Page for that information.
Troop 507's Eagle Scouts
Troop 507's Eagle Scouts
Troop 507's Eagle Scouts
1924     H. Cafferton
1924​     Robert Williams
1926​     John Raksany
1932     Anthony Sadowski
1932​     George Acher
1932​     Leo Kondratowicz
1938​     Ted Cyzak
1942     Allan Kueny (Gold Palm)
1943​     Eugene Hollander
1943​     Milton Kupfer
1943     Harry Mayer
1943​     James Barden (Bronze Palm)
1944​     Charles Stanley
1944​     William Stanley
1950​     Don Peters 
1951​     Alfred Faraca
1955​     Herman Long Jr.
1959​     Robert B. Hughes
1962​     Jack Soceka
1964​     Gary L. Peterson
1967​     George C. Hammond
1974​     Michael Cyzak
1974​     Jay Wilson
1976​     John Crow
1977​     Gregg Kretschmer
1977​     Mark Kretschmer
1977​     John Crow
1978​     Roger Yule (Bronze Palm)
1980​     Pete Hammond
1983​     Jack Yule
1999​     Eric Hladilek
1999​     Leo Graf
2000​     James D. McCune
2004​     Xavier Aldridge
2007​     Eric Lund
2007​     Ryan Heffron (Gold Palm)
2008​     Adam Foust (Gold Palm)
2009     Ian Heffron
2011     Kevin Ness (Silver Palm)
2012     Ryan Kwak
2013     Nick Bolander
2013     JT Williams
2013     James Nowak